What is Offgrid Solar and why would you do it


    Throughout this web site you will see two terms interchange, Off Grid Solar and Stand Alone Solar. They mean the same thing, however depending on who you talk to they will call it solar electricity systems that do not require Grid Power one of these terms.

    Modern Off Grid solar technology advancements make Off Grid a better electricity solution; its cheaper, its more reliable, and best of all its better for the planet.

    What is Off Grid (or Stand Alone) solar?

    Its a very simple system with no moving parts. Solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day and stores them into a set of batteries, an inverter is used to take energy from the batteries and deliver it to your house. In most cases a generator is also there in case there are 3-4 days of no sunshine.

    If you are building a new house or trying to get electricity to an existing dwelling, then dont let the energy companies hold you ransom with large electricity bills. Power your house with modern off grid solar.

    • In most cases if you are further than 200-300m away from the nearest grid power lines an Off Grid / Stand alone solar system is cheaper than getting the grid power connected.

    • A Off Grid / Stand alone solar system will be more reliable than grid power.

    • Off Grid / Stand alone solar power systems can be fully autonomous, meaning you never have to think about them, no battery maintenance, no worrying about how much power your using, its just like grid power only better, because there is no quarterly electricity bill.
    • The typical cost of Grid Feed power (as of 2013 in NSW) is 32c / kWh, compare this to Off Grid solar costing just 27c/kWh factoring in replacement batteries and electrical equipment every 10yrs. The Grid Feed costs will continue to rise, while the solar costs will likely fall.

    What we do differently?

    Our Off Grid Systems are invisible.

    We feel if you have to think about electricity in your house we havent done our job. We follow two simple rules:

      • Our systems must never break.
      • Our systems must be fully automatic, meaning you dont have to do a thing, just use the electricity. No battery maintenance, no starting generators, nothing, just use the electricity.

    We make purchasing an Off Grid / Stand Alone system really easy.

    No need to calculate loads, estimate hours of use, guess how much electricity your blender uses... Our purchasing process is 3 simple steps:

      1. Call and book in a site survey. During this survey the right system will be worked out for you.
      2. Pay for your system.
      3. Watch the system get installed 5 days later.

    We are there to help should anything ever go wrong.

    Murphies law says something somewhere, at some point in the future might go wrong, its rare but it does happen. If something ever does go wrong we will be right there to resolve the problem.. after all rule number one is our off grid  solar systems must never break.

    We also have an extensive after sale maintenance program. Afterall everything needs a little buff and polish to keep it running at its optimum, and off grid solar systems are no different.


    Stand Alone Solar Pricing


    Stand Alone Solar Design

    Many people choose to design and build their own solar systems for remote areas. This provides some basic information on how to size the appropriate components.


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