Solar Inverter Repairs

    We are coming to the point where many Grid Connect solar inverters are starting to turn 3 and 4yrs of age. Most solar installations have been designed so the solar inverter is running at full power; this means the inverter life expectancy is not what it should be, to get 5yrs out of your inverter (despite what you may have been promised) is a good innings.

    If your solar inverter has failed, and it is not in warranty there are two options:

    1. Buy a new one: This is definitely not the cheapest option.

    2. Get the inverter repaired:


    Option 2 - Repairing the Solar Inverter

    The humble solar inverter is a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment; repairing them is not for the faint hearted. 

    At LetitGo we adopt a multi-stage repair process designed to minimise the overall cost to you:

    Step1 - Identify and confirm Fault:

    This involves hooking the inverter up to our solar testing system, and ensuring the fault is repeatable.

    You would be amazed at the number of "faulty" inverters that dont actually have a fault at all. A solar installation is quite a complex system, blaming the inverter is quite often the easiest way for an electrician to deal with the issue in the short term.

    If the inverter comes to us we can quickly confirm if there is an inverter problem and return the inverter to you if there is no issue with it; we then need to liase with your local electrician to start the real solar fault diagnosis process.

    Step2 - Localise fault area:

    Once it has been confirmed there is infact a fault with the solar inverter, the next step is to isolate the module in the inverter that is malfunctioning. Once the inverter module has been identified we do one of three things.

    1) Contact the manufacturer for a replacement module.

    2) Repair the faulty module ourselves.

    3) Make a recommendation to buy a new inverter.

    In most cases option (1) will be the chosen path, however there are oscassions when we use option (2) and (3). A good example of this is the now quite infamous Sunny Roo solar inverter. The Australian company (Beyond Building) who imported these inverters is now in receivership and the oversees manufacturer wants nothing to do with the inverters; As such we have no choice but to repair the inverter modules ourselves. Check out our web page dedicated to sunnyroo solar inverters (Sunny Roo Solar Inverters)

    There are some occassions when the manufacturers charge huge amounts of money for replacement modules; if we can save you a lot of money by repairing the module ourselves we will do so.

    Option (3) is used when the cost to repair the inverters is just too much, or if the problem area in the solar inverter is internal to the control module. If this happens we can offer you a replacement inverter at a discounted rate.


    Step 3 - Verify Repair

    Once repaired the inverter goes through our solar testing system again to make sure it is functioning correctly, the inverter spends several hours in the test bay ensuring everything functions correctly. Once everything has been checked off the solar inverter is returned to you.


    We are in the processing of renaming our company, as we have grown we have felt a name change was required. You can book your inverter repair immediately at or alternatively give us a call.

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