Sunny Roo Solar Inverters

    I have lost count of the number of Sunny Roo inverters I have fixed over the past little while. If you own a Sunny Roo solar inverter that has stopped working here are the facts:

    • The Company that imported the inverters is in receivership, so there is no warranty or support.
    • The inverters are Chinese made, and as a consequence you cannot approach the manufacturer.
    • You are not alone, there are thousands of Sunny Roo solar inverters out there and they are all failing.

    So what can you do?

    Well there are two options:

    The first is to buy a replacement inverter. The cost associated with doing this will vary depending on the size of your solar system; however the starting cost for a 2kW inverter will be around $1500 once you have it installed. If your inverter is larger then the cost will obviously escalate..

    If you do decided to buy a replacement inverter, make sure it is a good quality one, otherwise you will likely be back here again in another 12 months. Good Quality inverters have warranty periods around the 5yr mark, some inverters even have 10yr warranties.

    Here are my suggestions for SunnyRoo replacements:

    The second option is to get the Sunny Roo inverter repaired. That is where we come in.. In many cases there is not much wrong with the inverters, and they can be fixed easily. There are times when there are major faults with the core control system, in these cases a new inverter is required. However in most cases the sunny roo inverters are very fixable.

    Common issues with the Sunnyroo Solar Inverter

    • Inverter has Red Light on and fault code AL14:
      The inverter is trying to tell you there is a problems with the Mains power supply. Nine times out of ten there is not a problem with the mains supply. The problem is a small Fuse inside the inverter. Its as simple as replacing the fuse and away you go.
      WORDS OF CAUTION:: Unless you are a qualified electrician do not open the inverter to replace the fuse yourself, there are very dangerous voltages inside the inverter. The other word of warning is look for a reason the fuse blew, is there something else failing inside the inverter which caused the fuse to blow.

    • The sunny roo inverter works well in the morning, then getting close to mid day it stops working. The red light comes on and the fault code AL00: 
      The inverter is telling you it thinks the mains supply voltage is too high. The sunny roo inverters will complain if the grid voltage gets above 264VAC. The first thing you need to do is get an electrican to confirm the grid voltage is actually ok. It is important the electrician follow the test procedure below:
      With a good quality multi-meter do the following:
        1. Shutdown the Sunny Roo Inverter (turn of AC, the turn off DC) and measure the grid voltage.
        2. Turn the Sunny Roo back on and allow it to connect to the grid. Measure the voltage as close to the Sunny Roo as possible.
        3. Repeat the last measurement except measure as close the the main service fuse as possible.
        4. Note down the voltage of the grid when the inverter disconnects
    If the Grid voltage is significantly different between measurements at step 2 and Step 3, then chances are there is a bad connection or broken wire somewhere causing a high impedence; this needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency as it is a fire risk.
    If the independent tests showed the Grid voltage to be greater than or equal to 264VAC then you will need to talk with your electricity supplier to find a resolution; in this case the inverter is doing the right thing.
    If the Grid Voltage was well under 264VAC then the Sunny Roo Inverter has a fault and needs to be fixed. In many cases the Sunny Roo will measure the grid voltage incorrectly, the Sunny roo will think the Grid Voltage is 8-10V higher than it should be.
    • There is no life in the inverter at all:
      The inverter looks as though it is totally dead, there are no lights on and it does not make any noises. This is generally a dead power supply, this can be fixed but it needs to be sent to us for repair and testing.
    • The Inverter shows up with an Er22:
      This is a Output relay error, and needs to be sent to us for repair. 

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